Tim Lautzenheiser

Tim Lautzenheiser

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Chief Education Development Officer & Vice President of Education
Conn-Selmer Inc.


Tim Lautzenheiser is a trusted friend to anyone interested in working with young people in developing a desire for excellence and a passion for high level achievement. His career involves ten years of successful college band directing at Northern Michigan University, the University of Missouri, and New Mexico State University. Over two million students have experienced his acclaimed student leadership workshops over the last three decades.

Tim's books, produced by G.I.A. Publications, The Art of Successful Teaching and The Joy of Inspired Teaching, are best-sellers in the music profession. He is also co-author of Hal Leonard's popular band method, Essential Elements, as well as the creator of the highly-acclaimed Director's Communication Kits.

Student Leadership Workshops

Setting High Standards of Excellence

  • Fundamentals of Self-Discipline
  • Effective Communication Principles
  • Value of Risk
  • Behavior Modification vs. Motivation
  • Dealing with Insecurities

Fine Arts Leadership


Delivering the message is the easy part; making sure the message is received-and-understood is the challenge. The importance of practicing the art of thinking from behind the eyes of the teachers, the administrators, the students, and the parents.

Success in Education: A Careful Blend of Content and Context


We spend much time focusing on the cognitive aspect of learning and sometimes avoid the affective value of the growth process. Do our students LISTEN or do they LEARN? The master teachers know it is more than the WHAT and/or the HOW rather ensure the students understand WHY the exchange of information has relevance to their welfare as they prepare to embrace life's challenges. Ownership of responsibility only comes when the LANDLORD OF LEARNING is the student. Success begets success.

Tim discussing with the attendees at the Conn-Selmer Institute.

It's All About Time!

Time management, now there's a subject worth some time. It's time to discuss this important element of success?

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Students performing in a performance band.

Creating Positive Classroom Behavior

More than any other area of study, one individual with a negative attitude will influence everyone involved in a music class/rehearsal. an individual with a sorrowful attitude can severely impede the advancement of the group; a musical organization is only as strong as its weakest member.

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Tim presenting the CEO of NAMM a Division of Education jacket.

Being A Music Advocate

While it is vitally important to share the good news about music learning with every facet of our society, the key people are those who are the decision-makers, the folks who have the wherewithal to influence curriculums, schedules, and the academic agenda of our schools. This issue will focus on how to address this "target market."

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